Il cuore ricorda: memorie di una vita anglo-italiana a cura di Cecilia Bailey Dinelli (1937-1947) - Tratto da una biografia familiare a cura di Francis Giuliano Dinelli

Data: 09-07-2005
Luogo: Argentiera, Parco di Villa Moresco

Relatore: Zarina Rafiq, Alberto Santini, Francesco Manfré

In 1934 Cecily Bailey Dinelli, a young Englishwoman, living in a small town in England, through a series of coincidences, met Orlando Dinelli, a sculptor and businessman in marble from Pietrasanta who was in England on business. Their courtship culminated in marriage in 1937 and the decision to live in Italy. Cecily talks about arriving in Italy and setting into Pietrasanta. The difference between her new and former life was huge. She recalls the town, the beach and the way of life at that time…a time that was to change dramatically by the impact of the 2nd World War. We follow Cecily and Orlando’s war experience in both England and Italy. Her story ends as a "normality" returns in the years after the war. Her experiences are reflected vividly in her poems and in the music of the era that weave through the whole piece. This conference is adapted from a theatre show first preformed in 2003 by "Modus Vivendi Theatre", a company founded in 2000 and based in Versilia, that produces English theatre adapted for an Italian audience. Professional native English actors are used and work alongside Italian musicians and production crew. This show is in English with live piano and cello music and slides. It is particularly aimed at those with some knowledge of English but also for those without, as there will be a brief Italian narration and a handout. The show is for anyone who wishes to dip into a moment of local history on a summer’s evening, in a beautiful, fragrant garden.



Istituto Storico Lucchese – Sez. “Versilia Storica”
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